We're going to Japan!

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We’re really excited to announce that in October Jo and Jess are off to Japan to run a tea rooms in a cultural show in both Fukuoka and Osaka.




They are going to create a replica of Thomas Oken Tea Rooms in the middle of their cultural fair, so that people can experience a real Warwick Cream Tea. They want everything to be authentic so they are using our exact recipe and even exporting the exact ingredients, including all the flour, baking powder, sugar etc… we use from England. This way many more people can experience one of our famous Warwick Cream Teas.

We cannot wait and are busy planning our time there. Over the period of the fair we will have to make 14000 scones a day… I feel exhausted even thinking about it. We’re taking out 1420kg of flour and 100kg of our English breakfast tea blend. But luckily we will have a team of 14 scone makers helping us out. What an experience we’re going to have!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated.