Christmas Food To Order


Let us help make your Christmas perfect with our delicious homemade food. All the homely taste, none of the stress for you. Order by December the 18th for pick up or delivery right up to Christmas Eve. We include free delivery for orders over £50. 


Christmassy Sides


Cauliflower cheese

Perfectly cooked cauliflower nestled in a rich cheese sauce with just a hint of mustard, topped with more bubbling golden cheese.

£10 (serves 5)

Sausages wrapped in bacon

Full sized chipolata sausages wrapped in crispy streaky bacon.

£10 (10 sausages)

Homemade stuffing baubles

Bacon and onion wrapped balls of homemade stuffing. These make a wonderful side to any Christmas dinner.

£8 (5 balls)


Braised red cabbage

Deliciously tender slow cooked red cabbage with orange, cinnamon and port. The true taste of Christmas!

£5 (serves 5)


Potato dauphinoise

Thin slices of potato, slowly cooked in the oven with cream and garlic, the perfect alternative, or addition to roast potatoes

£10 (serves 5)


Homemade cranberry sauce

You can really taste the difference to the shop bought jars!

£5 (serves 8)


Creamed sprouts with chestnuts

Even sprout haters will convert once they try this luxurious twist to this Christmas side. Double cream, nutmeg and chestnuts will make the humble sprout the real star of your Christmas dinner.

£8 (serves 5)  


Homemade Bread Sauce

Clotted cream helps to make this classic Christmas side extra luxurious!

£5 (serves 5)


Port Gravy

We always find that the gravy really makes the Christmas dinner. Our gravy is full flavoured and festive to really compliment your roast.

£8 (serves 5)


Creamy Parsnip and squash bake

This makes a great twist on these traditional Christmas sides. Cream, onion, thyme, parsnips and butternut squash really work together to make a stand out dish for your Christmas table.

£10 (serves 5)

Vegetarian Stuffing Balls (v)

No-one will feel left out this Christmas with these sensational hazelnut and apricot stuffing balls.

£8 (5 balls)


Parsnip Cranberry and Chestnut Loaf (v)

A more exciting take on the traditional nut roast. This makes a lovely vegetarian option for Christmas Day.

£14 (6 portions)


Individual Christmas Pies (v)

Homemade pastry wraps chestnuts, cranberries, leeks and lentils in this deliciously festive vegetarian alternative. Individually portioned to make easy serving.

£12 (4 pies)



Canapes and Buffet Bites


Festive Sausage Rolls

Our famous sausage rolls with a festive twist. Local sausage meat is mixed with orange zest and cranberries to give the real taste of Christmas.

£14 (20 rolls)

Fruit Cake canapes served with cheese and apple

Homemade fruitcake cut into bitesize pieces topped with local cheese and slices of apple. A flavour combination made in heaven!

£12 (20 canapes)

Brie and Cranberry filo parcels

Crispy filo puffs with deliciously melty middles, these are always the first to go off our Christmas party table.

£12 (20 canapes)


Cucumber and Feta bites (v)

These vegetarian canapes add something a bit different to your festive table. Flavoured with garlic and dill and topped with pomegranate to give them that extra Christmassy feel.

£10 (20 canapes)


Honey Roast Ham

No Christmas buffet is complete without a honey roast ham centrepiece. Our ham is home cooked and deliciously succulent, dotted with cloves and glazed in honey and mustard – you can’t help but go back for seconds! Please let us know if you would like us to thickly slice your ham for you.

Half a ham £22 (serves 8-10)

Whole ham £42 (serves 18-20)


Pigs in puff pastry blankets

Full sized chipolata sausages wrapped in crisp puff pastry. A delicious and impressive canape served hot or cold.

£10 (10 sausages)


Winter coleslaw with maple candied nuts

A Christmassy take on this delicious salad. Perfect with cold meats for your boxing day buffet!

£12 (serves 8)


Two Type Salmon Terrine

£20 (15 slices)

Poached and smoked salmon terrine slices with just a hint of horseradish. Delicious!


Butternut squash, spinach and goats cheese pie

A perfect vegetarian alternative that everybody can enjoy. Homemade pastry envelopes chunks of butternut squash and wilted spinach, all held together with meltingly delicious goats cheese.

£18 (serves 8)




Profiterole wreath

A decorative take on this classic dessert. Profiteroles filled with fresh whipped orange cream and topped with chocolate ganache arranged into a beautiful wreath shape. The perfect centrepiece to your table.

£12 (18 profiteroles, Serves 6)


White Christmas Truffle cake

Part cake, part white chocolate truffle, so super luxurious for your Christmas dessert.

£16 (serves 8)


Cranberry and Chocolate Chip Loaf

A wonderfully Christmassy loaf cake, full of Christmas spices and flavours and of course – chocolate!

£10 (serves 8)


Gingerbread Cake with Salted Caramel Icing

A different alternative to Christmas cake. A lovely moist ginger cake decorated with beautiful gingerbread.

£22 (serves 10 - 12)

Malteaser ‘Christmas Pudding’ Chocolate Cake

For those Christmas Pudding haters out there. It looks like a Christmas Pudding but tastes like a Chocolate Cake. The best of both worlds!

£28 (serves 16)


‘Secret Recipe’ Mince Pies

You may have tried our mince pies before at Thomas Oken Tea Rooms, everyone who has would agree they are delicious! Our secret pastry recipe has been passed down through generations and still make the most meltingly delicious mince pies there are.

£6.50 for 8


Giant Mince Pie

One big mince pie to  slice up and share out. This makes a wonderful centerpiece, or a great dessert idea. Our standard pies cmes with 'Merry X-mas' message on, but we can write your choice of message. 

Other pie fillings include:
Spiced Apple

£10 per pie (serves 8) 


Mince Pie Brownies

What could be better than fruity mincemeat with moist fudgy chocolate, marry the two and you get out sensational mince pie brownies.

£12 for a tray of 8


Christmas cake

We are making Christmas cakes to order, plain or decorated to your specifications, with or without alcohol. Let us know your specifications and we can design a cake especially for you.